Well, today was a better day for walking and smelling all the yummy things in our neighborhood. We have lots of pine trees. Have you ever eaten a pine cone? I think they are ok but because mommee doesn’t want me to eat them I REALLY want to grab one. Oh well. Let’s see we also have lots of squirrels here too. They run up and down the trees and sometimes they make funny faces at me. I have to guard our yard to keep those pesky squirrel out. Heh heh Then we have these gigantic birds that are black. Mommeee says they are ravens. I like to watch them but they never let me get very close. Anyway, walking was good because the ice is gone and the snow is off the street and sidewalks. Soooooo we have no excuse for not walking mommeee. I hope she heard me. Hee hee about that. Hey Maverick, you out there? What are you doing?

Santa’s Reindeer

Hey guys I got great news. Today I saw Santa’s reindeer. I think they live in my neighborhood when they aren’t at the North Pole. Maybe they are having a vacation here. Anyway it was REALLY cool. Here’s what happened. Mommee and I were walking (it was what she calls a mini walk. HUMPT) She said Stevie look at the deer. I saw one big dude. He had really big sticks on his head. I looked for a red nose but didn’t see one. I guess that wasn’t Rudolph. Then I saw 3 more deer that didn’t have sticks on their heads and 2 little guys. They walked really slow and didn’t seem to care that we were watching them. I wanted to ask them if Santa Paws was with them but mommee said no. They looked happy so I think they were on a vacation. It was fun.


I bet you are looking at that title and thinking walking is kind of boring or maybe what is there to write about walking. Well, here is the problem. My mommee and I have a walking routine. We walk after breakfast (we rest right after cuz mommee says that is important) and our walk is soooo neat. Then we walk again later and last we walk after dinner (yep we rest again before the walk). Ok, so that sounds wonderful but here comes the problem. The snow came and mommee says, “O Stevie it is too cold to walk now” or how about this one, “O Stevie there is ice on the ground”. I mean really what does the cold or ice (not sure what ice is) have to do with walking. I LOVE taking walks because it is fun, super dooper exercise and I have a a toy to carry. I will tell you about that later. I think mommee is kind of a chicken or maybe she just doesn’t understand that I don’t care if it is cold or who knows why ice is a problem. Anybody got some suggestions for me. I REALLY want to have our fun walks again. Now all I get is “OK Stevie we will go for our walk”. THEN, you won’t believe this, we walk to the mailbox and home. THAT IS IT!!!!!!!


Snow is soooo cool. I think it is fun to play in. There are lots of piles of snow and jumping in them is funny. The snow really is cold but heck I have fur all over me and so I don’t feel cold. My problem is my mommeee. She say phooey on snow. She says snow makes it scary to drive so driving is for the birds. Now really do you think birds drive?? The only birds I see fly so I don’t think they care about the snow on the ground. hmmmm Do you think mommee knows about some birds that drive? Hey Maverick, do you like snow? Mommee says no going on our normal walk because the sidewalks are slippery. I think we need to go for a walk a lot cuz that is good exercise. Oh well, I need to work on figuring out how to get mommee moving. Hope everyone has a super day. I am going to play in the SNOW!!!

Happy New Year

I sure hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve. We got SNOW. Now the weather man said we would get snow and it might add up to about 1 inch. Hmmmm I say to myself that isn’t very much so no worries. WELLLLL, that 1 inch turned into about 9 inches. We were suppose to drive to a doctor appointment for my daddee. Think about this, mommee driving, mommeee grew up in California. Do you know how often mommee had to drive in the snow in California. RIGHT she NEVER did so this trip was what mommee called a white knuckle trip. So I don’t know what that means do you? Anyway we turned around and went home and mommee had to redo that appointment. She said she wasn’t going out in that snow storm again. Frankly I am very glad cuz I think it was scary. I saw cars stuck on the side of the road and BIG trucks going the wrong way and well, let’s just say it was not a pretty sight. But we made it home. I am thinking being a weatherman or weatherman is a good job cuz if you are wrong you still get to keep your job. How cool is that.

Good Morning

Hello again. Let’s see I was telling everyone my story. When I got a little older I was a world traveler with my first mom. Well OK, maybe not a world traveler but we went lots of places. We went to places where there were LOTS of dogs. Oh my, the barking. Whew. Have you ever stopped to listen to the conversations when there are at least a gazillion dogs. Things like “don’t step on my toes”, “I look better than you do”, “I am going to win”, “my handler is better than yours” and “Golden Retrievers are the best and most beautiful”. Now that I agree with. ha ha ha Yikes, it drove me crazy. But my first mommeee was really cool and she ignored those silly dogs and we just watched out for ourselves. I got some ribbons and I think my first mommee was proud of me. That made me happy. But between you and me I really didn’t have that much fun and she decided maybe I should just be a fun lovin stay at home beautiful dog. heh heh Sooooo that is how I got to come live in the mountains with my second mommee and daddee. Hmmmmm would my first mommee now be my gramma?? No no she is not old enough to be a gramma so I think maybe she is now my Auntie. Yep, that sounds about right. OK guys, that is all for now. See ya later gators!!

A New Day

Hello Everyone. I am Steven and I am a very happy boy. I live with my mommee and daddee in the mountains. I think it will be fun to tell you about my life and all the fun things I do. Today is the first day of my story. Well really that isn’t true because the first day of my story started on May 10, 2014. That means I am 4 years old. Mommee sometimes calls me a baby brain but I think I am a grown up boy. I am very smart too. Anyway my story did start in California as a Sunbeam baby. Oh boy was I cute. heh heh

That is me. Aren’t I just the cutest baby you have ever seen. Oops time for breakfast. I will be back later. See ya!!!