Scary Experience

Yesterday me an mommee an r friend Shelby were walking and we saw these nasty mean dogs with their humans. There are two little dogs and one medium dog. EVERY time they see other dogs they bark and lunge and just act awful. I do not like them. Wellllll, we saw them and they were a couple of houses down from us so we waited to see where they would go. All of a sudden one of those little mutts starts running at us. I mean that little nasty dog was going to ATTACK. Holy Cow I dropped my special walking toy and mommeee took her walking stick an banged it on the street. Then my good friend Shelby stepped on the leash. So what do you think the owners of that dog did to help??? NOTHING They just walked up slowly took the leash from Shelby and walked off. Oh but then the lady calls over her shoulder “sorry”. OH MY mommee was SOOOOOOO MAD. We walked home and by the time we went inside I was thinking about dinner. BUT mommee was still mad. After a little while she went out to get the mail and guess who she saw. heh heh yep the man with one of the dogs and my mommeee told him off. He was so rude to her and told her she “over reacted”. Well, that made mommee madder. But she finished giving him a piece of her mind and then came in the house. She said NO ONE MESSES WITH MY STEVEN. I love my mommeee.


OK here is a quiz. What does training mean to you? Is training when your human teaches you how they want you to do things OR is training when you teach your human how you want them to do things? More to come on this subject in the next few days. Time for training here at home. You will have to tune in to see what training I am talking about. Any of you guys out there have a comment. heh heh


How many of you have seen the movie The Birds? Raise your paws if you have. Well, I haven’t seen that movie but mommee said she has and it is scary. So you are asking yourselves now Why in the world is Steven talking about a movie about birds. Let me explain. Today on our walk I was sniffing an sniffing and reading all the peemail when Momme said, Hey Stevie look at the birds. It reminds me of the movie The Birds. So I looked up and holy cow there had to be a gazillion black bird in the street. OK maybe not a gazillion but there were A LOT. There were birds in the street, birds in the trees and birds in an empty lot. Mom tried to count them and she said there were at least 100. Some fly away when we got close but some just looked at us and made funny noises. I told mommee to take a picture cuz then I could show you all. Mommee said she couldn’t cuz she didn’t have her phone. WHAT, I can’t believe she did have her phone. She ALWAYS has her phone and is ALWAYS taking pictures. Just when I want a picture she doesn’t have it. HUMPT!!!! So guys sorry not picture.

The Raging River

I looked out at the creek today. Holeee Cow it is just a little creek now and the raging river is gone. Wonder what happened? Butttt the water is very clear so the mud is somewhere else. Hee Hee somebody else has that dirt in their creek. Today we got to walk our long way. That is my favorite. So I looked at all the places that were for the rain water and they were little creeks and the water was running. It was nifty. The only problem now is somebody put bunches of little rocks or something to get rid of the snow. We have to walk in the street cuz mommee says that might hurt my feet. I love my mommeee. I got a picture of our creek today.


I think rain is boring. Mommee say, Stevie it is too wet to walk. I don’t care if it is wet. I like it. We have a creek behind our house and sometime it is very dry. I mean why call it a creek if it looks like a dirt path. WELLLLLLL, now I know why it is a creek. Actually I think RAGING RIVER is a better way to describe the creek. It looks dirty and the water it noisy and moving really fast. Mommeee says it looks dirty cuz it is coming from wayyyyy up from the top of the mountain and there is a lot of dirt there. I think I am going to watch it. It is fun. Maybe I will see some fish. Hmmmmm in wonder if fish like this creek?? See ya later gators.


OK raise ur paw if u have heard about “heel”. I fink we need tu talk about this. You see humans think that is a good thing and they pretend is gonna be fun but let me tell u it isn’t fun. Wen we go for walks dat is the time fur sniffing and reading da peemail. Mommeez an daddeez read their email an we don’t bother them but wen we try to read our peemail they say “HEEL”. Wats with that. Here is wat heel means guys. U gotta walk right next to ur human, no sniffing, no reading peemail. Just walk walk walk. That is really boring. AND THEN, if they see someone they want to talk to you have to sit and wait nicely. I can do heel if I want and I can sit nicely if I want but I think mommeee has gots to give something back to me. Hmmmmm I need to think about that. You guys got any suggestions? Well, this may need to be discussed again. Anybody have opinions about HEEL????


Hey do u guys know bowt skunks. Now I never heard bowt them but let me tell u PEE and U. First of all they R kinda of cute. They look like little black an white kitties but don’t let them fool you cuz they are nasty little critters. Today on our morning walk I smell this BAD smell. I mean it could bring tears tu your eyes. Mommeee says “Stevie that smell is from a skunk and if you ever see a black kitty with a white stripe down its back you run the other way”. I think it was really awful and for sure if I ever see one I am gonna run. Have you guys ever smelled a skunk??? Whew We have skunks that live in our neighborhood but I haven’t seen one yet. I hope I never do cuz mommeee says they don’t like dogs.