Yesterday me an mommee an r friend Shelby were walking and we saw these nasty mean dogs with their humans. There are two little dogs and one medium dog. EVERY time they see other dogs they bark and lunge and just act awful. I do not like them. Wellllll, we saw them and they were a couple of houses down from us so we waited to see where they would go. All of a sudden one of those little mutts starts running at us. I mean that little nasty dog was going to ATTACK. Holy Cow I dropped my special walking toy and mommeee took her walking stick an banged it on the street. Then my good friend Shelby stepped on the leash. So what do you think the owners of that dog did to help??? NOTHING They just walked up slowly took the leash from Shelby and walked off. Oh but then the lady calls over her shoulder “sorry”. OH MY mommee was SOOOOOOO MAD. We walked home and by the time we went inside I was thinking about dinner. BUT mommee was still mad. After a little while she went out to get the mail and guess who she saw. heh heh yep the man with one of the dogs and my mommeee told him off. He was so rude to her and told her she “over reacted”. Well, that made mommee madder. But she finished giving him a piece of her mind and then came in the house. She said NO ONE MESSES WITH MY STEVEN. I love my mommeee.

4 thoughts on “Scary Experience

  1. Wow, Steven! That man needed a good talking to! And a time out in his crate! I’m sorry this happened to you but I’m so proud of you for being such a good boy!
    And by the way, did your mom ever remember to make your supper?


  2. I am so sorry Steven that this happened! I am grateful that you have much better manners. The same thing happened to my rescue-dog, Lily once, and the humans laughed. Please tell your Mom she is very brave and did exactly the right thing.


    1. OH thank you thank you. I hope Lily was OK. Do you know why some humans are so mean? We doggies just want to have fun with our mommies and not worry about nasty dogs. I try hard to make mommee proud of me and I bet Lily does too.


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