How many of you have seen the movie The Birds? Raise your paws if you have. Well, I haven’t seen that movie but mommee said she has and it is scary. So you are asking yourselves now Why in the world is Steven talking about a movie about birds. Let me explain. Today on our walk I was sniffing an sniffing and reading all the peemail when Momme said, Hey Stevie look at the birds. It reminds me of the movie The Birds. So I looked up and holy cow there had to be a gazillion black bird in the street. OK maybe not a gazillion but there were A LOT. There were birds in the street, birds in the trees and birds in an empty lot. Mom tried to count them and she said there were at least 100. Some fly away when we got close but some just looked at us and made funny noises. I told mommee to take a picture cuz then I could show you all. Mommee said she couldn’t cuz she didn’t have her phone. WHAT, I can’t believe she did have her phone. She ALWAYS has her phone and is ALWAYS taking pictures. Just when I want a picture she doesn’t have it. HUMPT!!!! So guys sorry not picture.

One thought on “Birds

  1. Hey Steven, Maverick here. We have a LOT of birds at my house. I bark at some of them and they fly away. I DO NOT LIKE THE BIG ONES! There are some really really big ones, Mommah says there’s an osprey and there are hawks and some buzzards and just between you and me, I’m kind scared of them! Sometimes there are big planes too, and I bark at them! But when the cardinals come, I just watch them. I don’t think my Mommah will let me watch that movie, though. She says I’m too young. She’s a pain in my butt!


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