OK raise ur paw if u have heard about “heel”. I fink we need tu talk about this. You see humans think that is a good thing and they pretend is gonna be fun but let me tell u it isn’t fun. Wen we go for walks dat is the time fur sniffing and reading da peemail. Mommeez an daddeez read their email an we don’t bother them but wen we try to read our peemail they say “HEEL”. Wats with that. Here is wat heel means guys. U gotta walk right next to ur human, no sniffing, no reading peemail. Just walk walk walk. That is really boring. AND THEN, if they see someone they want to talk to you have to sit and wait nicely. I can do heel if I want and I can sit nicely if I want but I think mommeee has gots to give something back to me. Hmmmmm I need to think about that. You guys got any suggestions? Well, this may need to be discussed again. Anybody have opinions about HEEL????

One thought on “Heel

  1. Oh Steven! We just want to go for a walk and not have our arms yanked out of their sockets! Can you please teach Maverick how to do this? I think your mom needs to bring some tasty treats along for you, just to make it worth your while to do this heel thing.


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