Hey do u guys know bowt skunks. Now I never heard bowt them but let me tell u PEE and U. First of all they R kinda of cute. They look like little black an white kitties but don’t let them fool you cuz they are nasty little critters. Today on our morning walk I smell this BAD smell. I mean it could bring tears tu your eyes. Mommeee says “Stevie that smell is from a skunk and if you ever see a black kitty with a white stripe down its back you run the other way”. I think it was really awful and for sure if I ever see one I am gonna run. Have you guys ever smelled a skunk??? Whew We have skunks that live in our neighborhood but I haven’t seen one yet. I hope I never do cuz mommeee says they don’t like dogs.

4 thoughts on “Skunks

  1. Oh Steven! This is Maverick’s Mommah here to tell you about one time when Max – you remember Max? – well, he had to pee, so I took him outside because peeing in the house is rude, you know, and he saw this kitty with the white stripe and before I could yell NO! he was chasing it down! And then! He came right to me all happy and did he ever smell awful! Well, we got some tomato juice and rubbed it all over him and let me tell you, that does NOT work, he was all red the next day and he still smelled awful! So I got some Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover, just in case, cuz those things are nasty! You are very smart to stay far away!


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