Well, today was a better day for walking and smelling all the yummy things in our neighborhood. We have lots of pine trees. Have you ever eaten a pine cone? I think they are ok but because mommee doesn’t want me to eat them I REALLY want to grab one. Oh well. Let’s see we also have lots of squirrels here too. They run up and down the trees and sometimes they make funny faces at me. I have to guard our yard to keep those pesky squirrel out. Heh heh Then we have these gigantic birds that are black. Mommeee says they are ravens. I like to watch them but they never let me get very close. Anyway, walking was good because the ice is gone and the snow is off the street and sidewalks. Soooooo we have no excuse for not walking mommeee. I hope she heard me. Hee hee about that. Hey Maverick, you out there? What are you doing?

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Hey, Steven! Mommah says that we’re not gonna walk till I learn how to do it right. Well, that’s stupid, I KNOW how to walk! She says we’re gonna do something called “heel” for awhile in my house. BORING! Also, we have LOTS of squirrels and I bark at them! AND I don’t like the birds in the sky, or the planes. I just don’t like them!


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