Hey guys I got great news. Today I saw Santa’s reindeer. I think they live in my neighborhood when they aren’t at the North Pole. Maybe they are having a vacation here. Anyway it was REALLY cool. Here’s what happened. Mommee and I were walking (it was what she calls a mini walk. HUMPT) She said Stevie look at the deer. I saw one big dude. He had really big sticks on his head. I looked for a red nose but didn’t see one. I guess that wasn’t Rudolph. Then I saw 3 more deer that didn’t have sticks on their heads and 2 little guys. They walked really slow and didn’t seem to care that we were watching them. I wanted to ask them if Santa Paws was with them but mommee said no. They looked happy so I think they were on a vacation. It was fun.

3 thoughts on “Santa’s Reindeer

  1. Hey Steven, it’s me, Maverick. Sometimes when I go out to potty at night, and I drag Mommah to the field, we see the deers too. But if Mommah shines the flashlight on them, their eyes are green, and they glow and that’s kinda scary, don’t you think?


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