I bet you are looking at that title and thinking walking is kind of boring or maybe what is there to write about walking. Well, here is the problem. My mommee and I have a walking routine. We walk after breakfast (we rest right after cuz mommee says that is important) and our walk is soooo neat. Then we walk again later and last we walk after dinner (yep we rest again before the walk). Ok, so that sounds wonderful but here comes the problem. The snow came and mommee says, “O Stevie it is too cold to walk now” or how about this one, “O Stevie there is ice on the ground”. I mean really what does the cold or ice (not sure what ice is) have to do with walking. I LOVE taking walks because it is fun, super dooper exercise and I have a a toy to carry. I will tell you about that later. I think mommee is kind of a chicken or maybe she just doesn’t understand that I don’t care if it is cold or who knows why ice is a problem. Anybody got some suggestions for me. I REALLY want to have our fun walks again. Now all I get is “OK Stevie we will go for our walk”. THEN, you won’t believe this, we walk to the mailbox and home. THAT IS IT!!!!!!!

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