Snow is soooo cool. I think it is fun to play in. There are lots of piles of snow and jumping in them is funny. The snow really is cold but heck I have fur all over me and so I don’t feel cold. My problem is my mommeee. She say phooey on snow. She says snow makes it scary to drive so driving is for the birds. Now really do you think birds drive?? The only birds I see fly so I don’t think they care about the snow on the ground. hmmmm Do you think mommee knows about some birds that drive? Hey Maverick, do you like snow? Mommee says no going on our normal walk because the sidewalks are slippery. I think we need to go for a walk a lot cuz that is good exercise. Oh well, I need to work on figuring out how to get mommee moving. Hope everyone has a super day. I am going to play in the SNOW!!!

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