I sure hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve. We got SNOW. Now the weather man said we would get snow and it might add up to about 1 inch. Hmmmm I say to myself that isn’t very much so no worries. WELLLLL, that 1 inch turned into about 9 inches. We were suppose to drive to a doctor appointment for my daddee. Think about this, mommee driving, mommeee grew up in California. Do you know how often mommee had to drive in the snow in California. RIGHT she NEVER did so this trip was what mommee called a white knuckle trip. So I don’t know what that means do you? Anyway we turned around and went home and mommee had to redo that appointment. She said she wasn’t going out in that snow storm again. Frankly I am very glad cuz I think it was scary. I saw cars stuck on the side of the road and BIG trucks going the wrong way and well, let’s just say it was not a pretty sight. But we made it home. I am thinking being a weatherman or weatherman is a good job cuz if you are wrong you still get to keep your job. How cool is that.

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