Hello again. Let’s see I was telling everyone my story. When I got a little older I was a world traveler with my first mom. Well OK, maybe not a world traveler but we went lots of places. We went to places where there were LOTS of dogs. Oh my, the barking. Whew. Have you ever stopped to listen to the conversations when there are at least a gazillion dogs. Things like “don’t step on my toes”, “I look better than you do”, “I am going to win”, “my handler is better than yours” and “Golden Retrievers are the best and most beautiful”. Now that I agree with. ha ha ha Yikes, it drove me crazy. But my first mommeee was really cool and she ignored those silly dogs and we just watched out for ourselves. I got some ribbons and I think my first mommee was proud of me. That made me happy. But between you and me I really didn’t have that much fun and she decided maybe I should just be a fun lovin stay at home beautiful dog. heh heh Sooooo that is how I got to come live in the mountains with my second mommee and daddee. Hmmmmm would my first mommee now be my gramma?? No no she is not old enough to be a gramma so I think maybe she is now my Auntie. Yep, that sounds about right. OK guys, that is all for now. See ya later gators!!

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